Queen Bee

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I had my first true hive inspection with Denise today and  learned so much! My hive of italian bees is thriving.  Inspected around noon when the foragers were out hunting and the bees remained pretty calm.  Denise works without gloves and I think I will do that in the future.  The gloves are so clumsy.  I removed the top box and queen excluder as the bees had not built up any comb.  The next two boxes were full of honey and the bees were plentiful and healthy.  Thinking of harvesting to 60 lbs tomorrow and feeding the bees as well as giving honey be healthy to build up their winter stores before tropical storm Sandy arrives.  There were a few hive beetles in evidence so Denise was nice enough to share a trap with me.  I will install that tomorrow.  I’m very excited about being the queen bee in charge of the hives at our house now and learning more about these increadible creatures.


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